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Here at Alan Commins LTD we stock,supply,install and sell almost every type of pump on the market if your thinking about getting a new pump or replacement and unsure what kind you need have a look through our different categories below.

There are two main types of pumps

1.       Submersible pumps

2.        Surface pump.


Submersible pumps are pumps which spend there working life submerged in water or fluid. Types of submersible pumps are sewerage pumps, borehole pumps, waste water pumps, sump pumps, pond pumps and submersible irrigation pumps


Surface pumps are pumps which are not submerged in water of fluid. They include booster pumps, Wash pumps, circulating pumps, surface irrigation pumps and heating pumps.


Each and every pump has unique characteristics including:


1.       The Rated Input Voltage.

The Supply voltage is the voltage which the pump was designed to work at this can range from 220 volt single phase up to 400v 3 phase.


2.       Its power rating (kW).

The kW or power rating is how much electricity it will use while in operation this can range from 0.25 kW of a sump pump all the way up to 110kW of an Industrial Submersible pump.


3.       Flow Rate ,Head and Maximum Pressure.

The Flow rate and Head and max working pressure are the most important factors of a pump. The head of the pump is how high vertically the pump can pump fluid or water. Some pumps have a very small or low head but usually have a high flow rate and high max working pressure the opposite is usually true for pumps with a high head they have a lesser flow rate but may have a higher max working pressure. There is many different configurations of pumps. 


If your still unsure after looking through our categories do not hesitate to contact us for free and helpful advice


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